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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Status of Abkhazia

The present de facto government of Abkhazia refers to the existence of the Soviet Socialist Republic that was created in 1925.
This republic was created by the greatest dictator of all time, Stalin, and his helpers. In the 30s Nestor Lakoba (an Abkhazian communist/nationalist) organized the assimilation of the Georgian peasant population. People who agreed to register as Abkhazian were freed from military service, received cattle and other privileges. Tens of thousands of Georgians were happy to accept such an offer because in their opinion they were already Abkhazians (i.e. inhabitants of the province of Abkhazia). But the real purpose was to increase the (registered) number of Apsua (a Northern Caucasus people that moved to the (attractive) Black Sea shores.
In the 70s such assimilation programs were repeated, now with promise of cars, houses and university access.
In 1993 hundreds of thousands of Georgians were driven from Abkhazia, tens of thousands were brutally murdered and abused. Participants in these murders now hold posts in the Abkhazian government.
Most other ethnic groups have meanwhile also left Abkhazia. The result is a mono-ethnic "republic". In this so-called republic the Georgian language is officially forbidden as well as Georgian schools and education in the Georgian language. Georgian refugees are not allowed to return to their homes. In the Gali district a young child played with a Georgian flag. Because of this it was brutally hit in the face by Abkhazian police-officers.
Some Georgians dared to return to this Gali district, the part of Abkhazia closest to Georgia. They are forbidden to harvest any fruit from their gardens.
This criminal government is financed by Russia, the Russian government knows this and takes part in it. They provide weapons and military instructions.
Fake tourism programs are launched to promote Abkhazia as a tourist destination.
The country is full of hidden mass-graves of Georgian inhabitants (including many women and children), their families are still looking for them.

Solution: 300.000 Georgian refugees return to their homes, democratic elections are held and a referendum to decide the future status of Abkhazia. Those who participated in war crimes and genocide have to be brought to justice.
Until this happens the Abkhazian republic is a fake.

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